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Programme Office for your need

Encounters are the oldest means of marketing. Every encounter can be a unique one.

We believe that with a well planned program you can steer the atmosphere of the event and create experiences that support the event's brand and message.

We think that every speech, every performance and every encounter can be significant as long as the occasion and the atmosphere are built correctly.

We believe that a reliable, target-oriented and tailored program service will help you with your event.

If you wish to carry out your event with style and cost-effectiveness, you're one of us.

We plan and execute unique programs together with you. On this site, you can see listed some of our partners. Don't hesitate to ask for your favorite artists. We'll make it happen.

Artists and Performances

Karoliina Kallio

Explore the examples of our performers and numbers from our pages. Ask for an offer of all your ideas. We’ll make them happen.

Artists and Performances



In capable hands event technics is both unobtrusive and pretentious at the same time.

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Read the latest news of the performers and spot the current events from our pages.

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